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Monday, 20 June 2011

Valliyammal, the living tribal legend

GopakumarAV Manipal, Karnataka, India

“If you are having any trouble, I will cure and I won’t entertain any one, if the disease is out of my reach”. These words are of Valliyammal, a living legend among the tribals of Kerala. Her curative powers are nothing new to the public of south India. Recently, again she was on the limelight, as she cured the vicious blood cancer of Kozhikode District Medical officer’s son.

Not just cancer alone, Valliyammal also has cure for a wider spectrum of ailments including Asthma, ulcer, blood pressure related diseases, piles, menstrual disorders, kidney stone, infertility, eye sight problems and allergies.

Knowledge of the forest is the core of tribal culture. The only people with a full knowledge about all forest species are the people who adapted themselves to living there. Valliyammal is no exception. She knows the nook and corner of the silent valley forest belt of Western Ghats, Kerala. The silent valley is the abode of a variety of exotic herbs, having amazing curative capabilities. And this wealth goes into the herbal preparations of Valliyammal.

There are a number of tribal groups in this part of Kerala. Valliyammal, belongs to the kurumar tribe. More over they are part of an uninterrupted continuity of tribal physicians, extending generations. Now, aged 65, she is practicing this unique treatment method with her son, Raveendran and grandson. Chandran. Valliyammal also has got a healing center “Valliyammal Gurukulam” in Attapadi, Palghat district of Kerala. This center has an herbal garden for the preservation of some endangered wild varieties of utmost medical importance, extending about 150 acres.

Interesting aspect of her medicinal preparations is that they are all prepared manually, alienating other treatment procedures which preserve these medicines Which means that no oils or heat treatments are used, ensuring the vitality of the herbal medicine. Yes, all are given in the form of fresh herbal extracts or herbal pastes.

Her reverence to the forest is seen in the preparation stage itself. Only natural tools are used in the process. For example the usage of bamboo knives and bamboo diggers for collecting the bark, tubers essential for the therapy. Reminding a symbiotic relationship between tribes and the forest. The forest needs them, just as they depend on the forest.

‘Spirituality’ is another important ingredient of her therapy. All the prepared medicines are in reverence to the tribal God Malleswaran. Even the mountain in which they reside is called Malleswara mudi. Once in a year, in the month of March, there is a festival and hectic preparations are done as a part of this festival. Involvement of spirituality in treatment is found effective in the case of psychological diseases, and also as a moral booster for patients.

All these years Valliyammal has been conducting medical camps in almost all parts of Kerala. Also conducted camps in major south Indian cities like Chennai, Banglore and Coimbatore. After knowing this, you may develop an interest to learn this tribal science. Sorry, tribal are hesitant to share their knowledge with outsiders, as they believe to be a god given one, exclusively to their community. Anyway, you can experience this magical wonder with them.


  1. How do I get in touch with her? Iam a 35 year old male suffering form asthma. I want to get to out of inhalers and revert.

  2. One of my friends is suffering from colon rectum cancer. I would like to take him to this Treatment center. Please share the contact number.

  3. at the entrance of attapady.
    Reach palakkad. Then mannarkad. Then attappadi. monday is holiday . All other days at any time from morning to 8 pm.

  4. Is there any treatment for nerve complaints?

  5. hello my fathr is having diabetic and cardiac disease. he is taking medicine regularly ,but still his sugar is in the higher limit can u help us to sort it out plz give me an appointment plz . am a native of palakkad.

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  9. No telephone number working since they are in deep forest and no networks available. But daily people are going and coming.
    All the persons who are attending this treatment are 100% happy with the treatment

  10. You can also ask me any questions about the area and treatment 8012517977 and I personally went there for my uncle treatment on 20/8/2015

  11. You can also ask me any questions about the area and treatment 8012517977 and I personally went there for my uncle treatment on 20/8/2015

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